Sep 29, 2013

Making cURL work on Windows 7

cURL is an awesome tool for software developers. It is used worldwide but most of the people who use it are Linux users so I decided to write this tutorial specific for Windows 7. The usage below is very exciting so just bare with the tutorial.


  1. Download - Choose only one of the 2 links below then, Right Click > Save link as...
    32-bit cURL - (this is the safer choice)
    64-bit cURL
  2. Extract the contents - extract the contents into an easy-to-remember location
  3. Copy only the executable file curl.exe and Paste it to C:\Windows\System32
  4. Congratulations! - Installation is as easy as that.


  1. Open the Command Prompt - Click the Start Menu and in the textbox Type "cmd". Press Enter
  2. Execute your first cURL - In the Command Prompt, Type "curl"

    or you can also try publicly available data from Facebook
    or even the public data from the World Bank
cURL is used mainly by developers to test the output of web services. Enjoy!